Global Effect

Pollinators affect 35% of global agricultural land, supporting the production of 87 of the leading 100 food crops worldwide.


Food security needs bee security and Bee Innovative exists to deliver both.

Unique Technology

Our proprietary ‘BeeID’ solution combines unique facial recognition technology with aggregated data to act as a first line of defence for the identification and eradication of exotic bees and bee diseases.

Fast & Efficient

BeeID is faster and more efficient than current manual methods for bee identification and tracking – ‘BeeID’ brings the power of data, science and bee behaviour to bear at our borders to attract, trap and track exotic bees and bee diseases before an outbreak can occur.

Exotic Bee Pest Erradication

BeeID is designed specifically to be a front line tool for rapid identification, quarantine and to target eradication of Varroa Destructor to keep Australia free of Varroa.