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“BeeDar™ could be of great value [to Australia] in bringing it to full commercial reality”
-Helen Scott-Orr, Inspector-General of Biosecurity, Australia.

What do we do?

We provide real time bee identification, tracking and reporting services (at scale) to protect and unlock global agriculture production through early biosecurity hazard detection and by significantly increasing honey bee productivity.

Bees and Biosecurity

We provide an automated identification and tracking service, in real time, covering large geographic areas, to protect borders from foreign bees and the diseases they spread. We can also deploy the same service to eradicate diseases(such as Varroa mite) already established in countries.

Current practices

BeeDar™ approach

Bees and Pollination

Currently there is no service available to significantly increase global agriculture productivity through the optimization of Bee pollination.

The BeeDar™ solution

BeeDar™ provides Bee identification, tracking and reporting in real time to significantly increase bee pollination productivity, increase crop yields and unlock global agriculture production.

About us

Our team combines Apiarists, Engineers, Scientists and Business professionals

David Lyall
Senior Apiarist / Strategy

Kate O’Donnell
Chief Technology Officer

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